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Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)
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Climate Care was set up in 1998 to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It does this by offsetting - making CO2 reductions on behalf of individuals and companies.
A Civil Funeral Ceremony can provide an opportunity to create, with the help and support of a professional Civil Funeral Celebrant, the most appropriate and meaningful Ceremony for this final act of love and respect.
Dedicated to serving grieving people, and those who want to help them.
Throughout history the appearance of a white dove has become symbolic with our deepest emotions of Love, Joy, Hope and even sadness. What better way to express our feelings than the very emotive act of releasing these beautiful birds to fly into the skies above us, free to journey home.
The Bereavement Register is a service with one simple aim: To reduce the amount of direct mail sent to those who have died. Our names and addresses appear on many databases and mailing files which means, unfortunately, that we are often bombarded with mail we just don't want.  Imagine if that mail is sent to a family member or friend who has recently died. The distress and upset that can cause is immeasurable. Launched in 2000, The Bereavement Register is a free service specifically designed to remove from databases and mailing files, the names and addresses of people who have died.
MuchLoved is a charity that works for bereaved people worldwide, enabling them to create sensitive, personalised and lasting website memorials in memory of their loved ones.